June 11, 2008

Azureus (Vuze) - The best BitTorrent Client

I've been using a bunch of BitTorrent clients (BitFlu, BitThief, BitTorrent) with my mac. To tell the truth I was not satisfied with any of them.I'm a control freak, so I was looking for something better. One day while googling i noticed a client called Azureus (Now it's called Vuze) in some blogs and reviews.So I thought I Could give it a shot.Now I'm a die-hard fan of Azureus.

Azureus is a favorite with both the advanced users and newbies, Azureus offers a legion of features including Plug-in system and huge range of tweakable settings.It's interface is not as glossy as the BitTorrent's or some other clients but It is fair and rich with features.Below the main toolbar is a pair of windows. The top one tracks the files you're downloading, the bottom one shows files you're seeding. Right-clicking on any file and selecting Show Details will open up a host of graphical views.

Plugins :

There are a lot of plugins available for Azureus,Popular plug-ins include Speed-Scheduler (which can help us to manage upload and download speeds on a schedule), an RSS Feed Scanner that can automate downloads for particular titles you're in search of, and even a plug-in that e-mails you when a download is finished.

Customization :

The customization features offered by Azureus is superb, and includes seeding rules, the ability to adjust your disk cache, and the ability to set upload and download speeds on individual files and for the entire player and there are a lot of other features..

Key Features:

- Runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux

- Free and Open Source Software

- Multiple, concurrent downloads

- Intelligent queue and bandwidth management

- Peer connection and download speed optimization

- Peer communication through firewalls (UPnP and NAT traversal)

- Trackerless support (Mainline and Azureus DHT)

- Multiple user interfaces (Simple, Advanced, Classic)

- Over 50 plugins to customize functionality

- Access to licensed content from Vuze

Officlial Site

Click Here to Download for Mac

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