June 11, 2008

Colloquy - The New generation IRC, SILC & ICB client for Mac

Did you ever think that IRC is dead by now because of its dark age interfaces.If so Colloquy says no it is not dead. Colloquy brings back the old IRC in a new stylish interface (yeah a resurrection from the dark ages).It is a good news for all those FOSS-Savvy mac users out there, you are free to use IRC as easy as any other IM services and it is now out with a lot of great features including growl support.

Colloquy starts with a small window (connections window) which allows you to connect to your IRC server. Incase if you are not sure what you want Colloquy will suggest  something for you (you just have to pull down the drop-down menu). Once connected you can join a room (Colloquy provides a searchable list of rooms) and start your Internet Relay Chat :).

You can choose windows styles ranging form a nice and cool iChat like look to your old fashioned IRC Client look (this is good for those skinned mac desktops ). With Colloquy, you can chat on multiple rooms on different servers. You can even use emot-icons.

Colloquy is a Free and Open Source Software, so it has a lot of plugins available to help you.Colloquy even features a buddy list of other chatters so that you can find out when they're online :) and message them directly.

Key Features (Listed in the Colloquy site) :

A powerful dictionary for easy scripting.

IRC, SILC & ICB Compatibility
The result of years of chat experience.

Plug-In Love
Unlimited extensability through Plug-Ins.

Styled For You
Pick the look for your conversations.

Colors of the World
Fully compatible with mIRC colors.

Open Minded
Open source, like it should be.

Official Site is http://colloquy.info/

Download Colloquy here

Unintrusive Interface
Sleek multi- or single-window modes.

File Transfer Medly
Full DCC transfer support with resume.

They're Your Buddies
A buddy list for your IRC friends.

Express Yourself
Use the emotions that speak for you.

The freedom to chat on multiple servers.

Much, Much More!
Just a better experience all-around.

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