June 15, 2008

JeOS - An Ubuntu flavour for Virtual Appliances

Ubuntu JeOS (pronounced” juice”) is a variant of the Ubuntu Server operating system, configured specifically for virtual appliances.

What is this Virtual Appliances ?

Wikipedia defines it as - A virtual appliance is a minimalist virtual machine image designed to run under some sort of virtualization technology (like VMware Workstation, Citrix XenServer, VirtualBox or many others). A virtual appliance is usually built to host a single application.

Virtual appliances are an effective and efficient way to distribute applications even if it is a commercial product and the best part is the Customer can simply kick start the virtual machine and start using the application.

What is JeOS ?

JeOS is the abbreviation for Just enough Operating System,configured or customised to fit a particular applications needs.Ubuntu JeOS is a varinat of the Ubuntu Server OS, configured specially for virtual appliances (it is said to be tuned to take advantage of the key performance technologies in the latest products from VMware,I found it working pretty good with the Virtual Box too).The JeOS is available as a CD-ROM ISO image for downlaod (barely 100MB).Ofcourse ubuntu packed JeOS wisely with only necessarry drivers and a minimal required packages,thus enabling Indipendent Software Vendors to configure their suporting os exactly as they require.Even thought they prefer to use VMWare for the optimised performance,it worked with the Sun's Virtual box without any problems.

Installation of Ubuntu JeOS

The user need to have a virtualization environment already installed (they prefer VMware, It even works farely with the Virtual Box).Anyone with a little knowledge of how to use a text based editor such as vi or nano can easily do this by following the Ubuntu Documentation.

Here is the JeOS How-to article by Ubuntu documentation.

  • I was planning to write a complete JeOS How-to on the Ubuntu JeOS but pretty much impressed with the Ubuntu documentation.The documentation seems very good and everything is clearly explained.So I just need to recommend this.

Here is the Ubuntu Server Guide if you want to learn more.

You can visit the official page of JeOS here.

Thanks for the Ubuntu documentation on JeOS for the informations

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