June 22, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04: Hardy Heron

The Ubuntu 8.04, the most anticipated releases of Ubuntu to date.

Ubuntu 8.04 : Hardy Heron is a LTS release.LTS release means that this release will receive continuous support and security updates for three years for desktop users and five years for server users.So the major focus of this release will be on stability and enhancement of existing features.


  • The Hardy Heron is packed with GNOME 2.22.GNOME 2.22 is based on GVFS instead of the old GNOME-VFS system, this comes with an entirely new backend, and ensures a better look and feel with more speed and compatibility.
  • The other noticeable feature is the Brasero disc burning utility (easy to use cd and dvd burning utility)
  • Transmission, a new BitTorrent client.PulseAudio is a major application bundled with ubuntu which enable the user to control the volume of individual applications.
  • For better browsing experience they included Firefox 3 package.
  • Ubuntu ships with Openoffice for complete office productivity
  • The Ubuntu help and support feature is more better with this version.
Security is more important when it comes to an operating system, and like every linux Ubuntu is more secure.

To know more about Ubuntu security click here
Help for security related installations can be found here

System Requirements

Ubuntu is available for PC, 64-Bit PC and Intel based Mac architectures. At least 256 MB of RAM is required to run the alternate install CD (384MB of RAM is required to use the live CD based installer). Install requires at least 4 GB of disk space.

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