August 27, 2008

Enable Root user in Mac OS X

Certain times we need to enable the root account in the Mac OS X for installing certain XII applications or some other Applications. But root user is disabled and not accessible by default in the OS X.

How to enable "root" user in OS X

Open the Utilities folder located in the Applications Menu, You can open it using Mac to Go -> Utilities or Shift+Command+U will open the Utilities folder for you.

Open the "Directory Utility" from the Utilities folder (There is another program called Directory, but don' confuse yourself with both of these."Directory Utility" is different from the "Directory" ).

Click on the "Click the lock to make changes" to activate the administering mode.

Enter your user name and Password in the prompt.

Now go to "Edit" Menu and click "Enable Root User"

Enter a new password for your "root" account in the pop up box.

Click on this lock button again to enable the lock for preventing further changes.

Now everything is set and you are ready to go.You can start using your OS X root account!

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