October 5, 2008

APTonCD : Create a Portable Package Repository

You've just finished installing Ubuntu and configured it with all your favorite applications, what if for some reason you now have to re-install it and don't know what packages you need to install.

This is hard, right ? Just checkout this cool application

What is APTonCD

APTonCD is a simple Graphical Interface tool which enables you to create DVDs or CDs with all the packages you have downloaded using apt-get or Aptitude.It can also be used to create disks with all your pakages located in a specific repository. You don't need internet connection anymore when you have to re-install everything.

  • Backup - Backup all the packages downloaded via aptitude, apt-get and synaptic.

  • Transport - You can carry all your favorite packages with you and install them anytime anywhere without worrying about an internet connection.

  • Download - You can downlaod and Backup an entire repository or a specific section to a CD or DVD.

  • Share - Share your favorite applications and packages with your friends.

External Links

Official site of APTonCD is http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/

You can obtain your copy of APTonCD from the download page.

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