March 7, 2009

OpenRep : Open Source Homeopathic Repertorization software

One of my friend is a Homeopathic Doctor. One day after talking a while he asked me if I can help him switch to Linux, so that he don't need to worry about the viruses anymore. Then as usual I introduced him the basic Migration strategies. Then he realized that the homeopathic software he uses is one of the most important software he need and it will not work under Linux. He told me if I can help him to complete Migration successfully. I started searching for an alternative for the software and finally found OpenRep, a free and open source Homeopathic software.

What is OpenRep ?

It's the first truly free and open source Homeopathic repertorization software. It supports working with multiple repertories, adding new repertories and repertorize by using multiple repertory results at once.The project is still in its early phase of development.

  • Browsing the tree structure of repertory
  • Repertory search using the special search system to enable the easiest and most advanced textual search
  • Automatic repertorization whenever a new symptom is added or a symptom is deleted
  • Saving repertorization to a human readable xml file
  • Importing multiple repertories
  • Displaying detailed repertorization results in a graphical format
  • Editing any imported repertory and submitting changes to contribute to the Repertorium Publicum project
  • Patient Management System
Will it work in My Computer ?

Yes OpenRep works under almost all majour operating systems including Linux Windows and Mac OS X, Solaris
How can I install it in my Machine ?

You don't need to be a computer geek or nerd to install this software, it's pretty much simple.
  • Unpack the installation .zip file into any folder
  • Install JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
  • Execute the OpenRep.jar file
Links and Downloads
NB : If you have any troubles regarding installation or anything just post a comment here, or drop a mail to my inbox at nextdoornerd AT gmail DOT com

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