March 11, 2009

Science Commons

I have been talking about the Open Source Science Movement in a previous post, but I missed an important movement - Science Commons, it is a Creative Commons project for designing strategies and tools for faster and more efficient web-enabled scientific research.

Science Commons was launched with the goal of bringing the openness and sharing that have made Creative Commons licenses a success in the arts and cultural fields to the world of science. Science commons was housed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the movement started in the year 2005.

Science Commons has three interlocking initiatives designed to accelerate the research cycle — the continuous production and reuse of knowledge that is at the heart of the scientific method.

Making scientific research “re-useful” — We help people and organizations open and mark their research and data for reuse. Learn more.

Enabling “one-click” access to research materials — We help streamline the materials-transfer process so researchers can easily replicate, verify and extend research. Learn more.

Integrating fragmented information sources — We help researchers find, analyze and use data from disparate sources by marking and integrating the information with a common, computer-readable language. Learn more.

Science Commons Projects

Science Commons is currently working on three areas to clear legal and technical barriers to research.

In each project Science Commons follows the open source standards and approaches. is the official website of Science Commons.

NB : Information and data courtesy Wikipedia & Science Commons.

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