June 25, 2008

Flock - The Social Web Browser

Flock is the latest open source derivative of Mozilla Firefox, crafted specially for Social networking and Web 2.0 savvy users.So now you can guess it is designed to deliver a more personal experience of the web by providing features to organize everything from favorites to media integration.


  • Great theme,It looks like a beautiful next-generation Firefox which has a lot more features built into it.
  • Flock Integrates Social networking and media services such as Youtube,Facebook,Flickr,Blogger,Gmail and Yahoo Mail etc.Sign-in to any of these accounts will be detected instantaneously and the services will be activated automatically within Flocks features.
  • Flock helps us to get updated about the friends profile updates such as the new photo updates or other things like that.
  • Flock has features that allow text,photo,video and link sharing internally.
  • Flock has an integrated feature that allows the preview of online videos and photos,it even allows the subscription of video feeds.
  • Atom and RSS feed support is integrated into Folk
  • Folk even comes with a handy blog editor which allows direct posting of articles into a designated blog.
  • Folk support third party addons.
  • The interface is filled with all new gradient effects and cool features.The interface may seem a little cluttered (this is my personal opinion), some people like it.

I wont recommend using Flock as the primary browser like Firefox or IE, Flok is not just a browser that anyone can pick up and use.There are changes like organizing bookmarks, making it remarkably different from Firefox and Internet explorer,But it seems that the way book marks are organized have some relation with how bookmarks are handled in Safari.


Flock is developed based on the Firefox but still Flock is not yet compatible with every extensions made for Firefox.But still there are a lot of addons available for Flock.

  • Flok helps us centralize our online life by bringing social networking sites, RSS feeds, photo/video sharing sites, and blogs blogs together organized under Flok.The accessibility of all these features from a single interface is really a benefit.

  • If you're not a serious surfer, this browser can get a bit confusing. The interface is not fair. For safari users Flock does not seem to run faster.

Flock is available for Linux,Mac and Windows.

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Flock compatible addons can be found here

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