July 6, 2008

WALL-E : Movie

Pixar will always be the center of attraction for the geeks, not just because Steve Jobs is the major share holder but because of the movies they have imagineered.

Now everyone is talking about WALL-E, a 2008 computer animated comedy science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The movie released on June 27,2008.

The film tells the story of a Robot, which is left behind while mankind left earth, After 700 years of lonely work the robot (WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) meets a sleek search robot named Eve and falls in love with her ;) mmm... I won't reveal the story. Hey lets join WALL-E on his voyage across the universe.

The film is directed by Andrew Stanton (the director of Finding Nemo).The Movie (WALL-E) features the story of the romance between two robots.The film is rated 97% by
Rottentomatoes top critics. WALL-E is said to have plenty of Apple references .The ovoid robot, Eve, is an obvious one. She is as shiny and white as any iPod or a white MacBook. Read More.

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patrick said...

i swear Wall-E looks exactly like the robot from "Short Circuit" (robot flick from the 80's)