August 9, 2008

Cactuses : An Open Movie

Cactuses is an Open Motion Picture created by some twenty-four High School students and five college students based in Manteca, CA.The idea of Cactuses derived to turn the production process of a feature length motion picture into a productive learning experience for a crew made up entirely of students.And the project also aimed a high quality production, above the expected standards.

Story of the Movie

Cactuses is a story of a young man named Simon whose life of rejection and broken relationships takes a turn when he meets an older woman named MaryBeth who works at a cactus shop.

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Production of the film

The movie was taped in 2002, this is the result of a non-profit movie making venture that interned 24 high school students and and five college students throughout the production and making of the movie... read more

Release of the Movie

The movie is released using BitTorrent Technology which is already exceeded 2,000,000 downloads.The movie was released as a DivX encoded file reaching almost 1 gigabyte in size.The movie is also available in Google Video, so it could be viewed without download, or download with a smaller file size.

Click here to Watch the movie online with google video.

Click here to Download the movie from Vuze (An open entertainment platform).This is a High-Quality version of the movie with 809.97 MB size.

However the movie is not completely Open Source, see the license. They don't allow further enhancements or editing in the movie.

Tips for Downloading the movie.

If you have a low bandwidth connection and you need to download the movie, better download from the Google video (306 Mb).You can download Google videos using KeepVid. Just copy the url of the google video and paste in the KeepVid and click the download button.You can either download the low quality flv version or the medium quality mp4 version.

You can use Azureus (Vuze) torrent client or Utorrent for downloading the high quality version of the movie from Vuze.

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