April 27, 2009

Switching to Linux : Part 1 [Introduction]

Switching to Linux ? Not a hard thing to do!

Considering switching to Linux ? I don't know what has made you visit this page - perhaps you may be tired of rebooting your machine every then and there or may be you have just had enough of the Blue Screen of Death, or perhaps you may be fed up with the never ending malware attacks - But whatever it may be, you are now looking on how to switch to Linux. I'm glad to invite you to the Linux world - a computing world of peace and harmony.

Scaremongers always say that Linux is very hard to deal with, and you will have to struggle a lot to get familiar with Linux, but I'll say that Linux is not hard, rather it is pretty much convenient and feature rich. Not only the Linux is feature rich, it also has much lower system requirements. You can even run Linux in your netbooks. However if you are still afraid of switching to Linux, I might be able to help you make your migration more convenient and easy.

I know that some of you might be still afraid, but stay tuned to this series of articles under the section Switching to Linux.

Let us see a little about Linux and why Linux is important.

Linux is Free

  • Yeah, Linux is free. You can copy it, Distribute it and customize it. And it all costs you nothing. (We will talk about, how to obtain your copy of Linux Later)

Linux Looks Great

  • Most people believe that, unlike Windows and Mac, the user interface of Linux is bad. But that is not true. You can even have mind boggling look and feel with great effects in your Linux machine. With softwares like Compiz-Fusion you can have real 3D experience in your Linux Machine.

Linux is Secure

  • Linux is secure by default, and compared to the increasing number of spyware and viruses in Windows platform, Linux is a paradise. Breaking a Linux machine is a pretty damn hard thing.

Linux is Robust

  • Compared to the usual blue screen of deaths, reboots for regaining performance and wiping of operating system due to the instability are not the case with Linux. Linux is more stable and secure, that is why they are used in servers around the world.

Linux has room for everyone

  • Whatever might be your interest (let it be drawing, science, technology, games,etc), Linux has something to offer you.

Linux can run Windows Applications

  • If you want to use the same programs you used in windows, that might not have a Linux equivalent or you still want to use the same program, You can run them in Linux.With the support of softwares like wine you can install and run windows programs and games in Linux.

Linux is smart

  • You don't even have to worry about defragging or disk checking again. Linux does it all on its own. It can even auto-recover your files after a sudden power failure or an untidy shutdown.

Linux has more choices

  • Open Office is an open source office suit, but you could also try Abiword,Kword,etc. Or you might try Exaile or Amarok instead of Totem (a media player) to play your media files. And all of these softwares are Free and Open Source Software(FOSS), you can even modify them to fit your needs.

There are so many features rushing to my mind while talking about Linux. But in short, even though Linux is free, the open source software and Linux distributions are of great quality, often better than their proprietary competitors.

In this series of articles we will be looking at how to choose a Linux Distribution that fits your need. And how to install Linux in your Machine. How to find your way around Linux (Like finding browsers, chatting with friends, editing photos, watching movies, playing music ,etc.).

Next in Series : Switching to Linux : Part 2 [Linux Distributions]

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