August 13, 2009

Earlier than expected ? Apple could release Snow Leopard soon !

Apple has wrapped up works on the Snow Leopard and rumours from various sources in the Internet predicts that they may release Snow Leopard sooner than the expected dates.

John Gruber a famous blogger ( predicted that Snow Leopard might be on sale by Friday August 28. And various other Internet sources expect that Snow Leopard will be out by the last week of August.

Several other Apple-Centric web sites reported that the company had wrapped up the development of Snow Leopard. The very famous rumour site MacRumors reports that it had confirmed that Apple tagged a recent build as the likely release (golden master) candidate.

However Apple has not yet revealed Snow Leopard's on-sale date.

Instead of creating a new Operating System, the engineers at apple enhanced the existing OS features to make a great thing even better. I had a chance to test run the Snow Leopard Developer preview before a few months, even at that early stage of the operating system it was so stable and faster than its predecessors. However let us wait and see how they are going to amaze us all.

NB : Even thought I'm a full-time Linux user these days, I love OS X for its greatness, simplicity and its simply superb features.. I am damn sure that I'll give a try when it comes out with the all new features.

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