July 8, 2009

Captivity of Connectivity

I am a person who uses Internet all the time (Netizen), people like me always like to be connected, connected with the world, friends and special interest activists who share similar ideas and thoughts. And we can see there are a lot of people like this, that is why there are a lot of social networks and special interest groups coming up. So it is all about networking, and often people think these days that networking is to connect just people (of-course it is a medium for all of us), but why do we have to limit the connectivity to just People ?.

A few months back I lost my Apple remote, I was searching for it in the entire house (still I could not find it), then I thought If the things (books, gadgets and all other stuff) can talk or communicate with me on my request or based on their intelligence about the lost stuff, or whatever information I need based on time and situation, it might helped me so much (you know I mess up things often).

This is a simple scenario, but think of everything around us, it is not about just automating things, it is all about making it all more natural and the same time simple. Think of a small robot which can identify the cloths to be washed and do it for us without even asking it to do so, or think about a Mobile which can actually automatically answer while we are making love or we are on a busy schedule - and this all happens without pre-scheduling.Think of a room which can think for you, like changing the light settings, music playing behind or stuff like that based on our mood.

Most probably you might have understood what I am talking about. Yeah it is Pervasive Computing (Ubiquitous Computing). If you are not familiar with these terms then just google them to know more.

So what I'm talking about is a completely interconnected world, where everything has a way to express, even machines get their place with an identity and importance.It's all about bringing technology to real life and blending it with our reality to enhance our reality to give us a better life experience.I'm not talking more about it now, this is a scratch idea - I know there are a lot of people who think like me.. so please do comment on this and share your ideas if you like this..

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